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Quiet Your Mind – How To Stop All That Mind Chatter

You know how it is: you want to calm down but your mind is chattering at you, nineteen to the dozen. It happens to all of us sometimes. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can quiet your mind:

Shift your thoughts

Some people find this easy, others don’t, so it’s a matter of trial and error. Whenever you encounter your mind starting to babble away at you, simply ask it to shut up in exactly the same way as you’d ask a child to stop whining about something.

Some people find this direct method to be one of the best they’ve used. The shock effect on your mind chatter can work wonders although you do run the risk of answering yourself back. The thing to remember is that whatever is going on inside your head is something that you have created. This can be hard to believe when you can barely get a word in edgeways inside your own mind, but it’s true.


This has been used by mankind over the years and is an excellent way for you to quiet down your mind and begin to relax.

There are a number of different ways of meditating and it’s worth experimenting to see which you get on best with. Some people prefer the more traditional methods such as mantra meditations and breathing meditations whilst others (myself included) are lazier and prefer the more modern binaural beats method of meditations. Experiment to see which you get on best with. Or take a local class if you prefer more support.


Because hypnosis works near enough directly with your mind, this can be a very effective method of quietening the chatter that seems to constantly be going on inside your head.

The advantage of using hypnosis to quiet your mind is that, similar to meditation, the effect tends to linger. You likely won’t instantly go back to full-on mind chatter mode the instant you stop your hypnosis session.

Similar to meditation, you’ll find that the effect is cumulative. The more you listen to a hypnosis for a quiet mind track, the longer your mind will stay on a calmer level.

There are other ways that you can quieten your mind, but the three ones listed above are the ones that seem to have the most success for most people.

None are expensive to try, so it’s worth seeing which particular method best suits your personality.

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