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Halloween Chat Up Lines

Halloween Fancy Dress parties are a great occasion for trying out some chat up lines. Whether you’re male or female, the courage you’ll get from being in character allows you to get away with lines you would never dare utter in real life…. and while they aren’t guaranteed to work you should at least get a laugh! It’s all in the way you say it…

Disclaimer: I make no claims that any of these lines will work and while some are funny, others are simply cheesy! I take no responsibility for the break up of relationships, slaps on the face, you being called an idiot or any other name or any other negative outcome resulting from the use of any of these lines.

Stir the pot with these witch chat up lines

“Excuse me, I’m looking for my toad..”

“It’s much more fun being wicked”

“I’ll show you my wand if you show me yours”

“Wanna try my love potion?”

“Fancy a ride on my broom?”

“Oooh, I think you’ve put a spell on me”

“Your hovel or mine?”

Devil chat up lines – practice the one-eyebrow raise and try some of these!

” I’m just misunderstood”

“I’m good really…. really, really good”

“I know I’m looking really hot”

“I can create life too you know…”

“I’m feeling horny”

“Come down and see me sometime”

“I don’t have an apple but I’m sure I can find something to tempt you…”

Vampire chat up lines

“Fancy Hanging Out some day?”

“Wow, I haven’t seen you in centuries”

“Your castle or mine?”

“Is that a bat in your pocket or are you pleased to see me?”

“This is how we greet each other in Transylvania” (go for the neck kiss)

(sniff first) “Oh I love a B- blood type, I’m O+ myself…”

“What are you doing when the sun comes up?”

Skeleton chat up lines

“I love a man with a bit of meat on him”

“Yes, I’ve lost a lot of weight”

“Your coffin or mine?”

“No thanks, I can’t drink beer (eat/ drink anything), it goes right through me”

“You’re giving me a boner”

Fallen Angel chat up lines

“It’s much more fun down here”

“When I’m good I’m very very good but when I’m bad I’m even better”

“Wanna polish my halo?”

Wicked Fairy chat up lines

“When I’m bad I’m very very bad but when I’m good it’s horrid”

(someone offers you a drink) “Nectar? Nah I prefer the real thing”

“Let’s fly away together”

“Wanna tinkle my bell?”

We had great fun thinking up these lines or converting them from other situations to a Halloween setting and I hope you have at least as much fun trying them out!

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