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Silencing of the Office Chatterbox: Why You Should Invest in White Noise Machines

When is it time to invest in speech privacy systems or white noise machines?

Speech privacy is integral in your business success. If you wish to safeguard confidential information, regardless of whether you are managing a small business, a corporate firm, or an open office, you need to install white noise machines in your office premise. They are cost-effective and easy to setup.

How Noise Affects Your Bottom Line

Noise pollution is a serious business problem. The survey made by Cornell University underlined the growing trend among employees who have disclosed that noise pollution has affected their problem-solving ability. Several people have also claimed lack of interest towards their jobs as they have experienced feelings of stress and “burn out”. It all boils down to a noisy office environment, which uses more energy than the pressure of having to beat deadlines every now and then.

What You Can Do Before Office Distractions Get Out of Hand

The most effective solution against office distractions is the use of modern-day technologies like speech privacy systems and sound masking devices. These simple and cost-efficient tools can make noise inaudible and therefore will not cause distraction to your employees. As speech privacy is enhanced, private communications among top-brass company officials remain within the walls of the boardroom. Even conversation between a supervisor and his subordinate is secured, unless one of them gossips about it.
On the other hand, if office distractions are left unchecked, noise pollution results in “disengaged employees”, which means:

• Employees becoming unproductive, as they cannot focus well on their work;
• They become habitual absentees, due to stress;
• Productivity is diminished; revenues dip.
• Employees may opt to resign; hiring and training of new employees always incur cost.

However, with the right acoustic management system in place, a commendable change in employee performance and behavior may be reached. Low to nil office distractions will improve concentration and diminish the rate of inconsistencies in reports; less stress for employees.

So what do you think? Is it about time you find out more about speech privacy systems?

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