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How to Flirt Naked – Seducing Using Only a Smile, Chat and Positive Attitude

First let me clarify the title. I do not expect you to actually be naked. If you are there is one of two situations. In one where you are already hooking up, you do not need the flirt anymore, it is called foreplay now. In the other, at some nudist camp or something, I would assume it would be too uncomfortable to flirt much. I know I would be. What I mean is simply seducing using only a smile and attracting with a positive attitude. A vibe if you will. If you want to hear more, read on…

Seducing using only a smile

Though I find it to be a not particularly flattering picture, the Mona Lisa is famous for her enigmatic smile. A lot can be said with a little twitching for the lips. You can show disdain or give a “come hither” look. What you are looking for is the second. You see a girl, make your eye contact shoot her a pleasant and open smile and see how she responds. If she gives you a smile back it is “game on” and time to move in for further flirting.

Attracting with a positive attitude. A good mood goes a long way

Would you want to be around someone who was moody, annoying and always had a chip on their shoulder. Of course not. Someone like that might be a good friend once you get to know them, but when flirting having a negative attitude will slam the flirt door shut in your face fast. Having a pleasant smile and positive attitude will go a long way. Throw in energy and humor and you are well on your way and should be attracting her nicely with your flirting.

Adding to your positive attitude, using chat flirting

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