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Bina48, a Robot That Can Chat With You

We are getting more and more exciting news about new robot technology these days. Every day we listen to another surprising innovation in them. Whether the news is that they are playing musical instruments, walking like humans, looking like humans. Now here comes the first ever robot that can chat with us like other normal persons. This new robot is called Bina48.

Bina48 is a human like robot which has almost all the facial expression similar to human beings. It can answer your common questions because it is backed by 30 motors and some artificial intelligence. Its not a real human indeed but it has great advancement from other robots of its age.

The designers and owners of this incredible robot are Martine Rothblatt and Bina Rothblatt. Martine Rothblatt is a self-made millionaire who forked out $125,000 for her last March. This robot is just has a head and little more down. but don`t have full body parts. We need a specific microphone to chat with Bina48.

Although its a raw product and not a perfect one, It does not understand our language naturally until it recognize you then respond you. But it is still a big achievement in robotics and artificial intelligence. We are hopeful that we `ll see great advancement in Robo-technology. One day robot and human will work together in companies. They will relax human in chairs and let them concentrate over planning and strategy of work flow and scheduled tasks which will result in more progress.

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